Hello, and welcome to What We Take With Us – a guided meditation and set of activities to aid your anxiety and assist your workday. Many of these exercises are creative and collaborative, but you won’t need much to get started: something to write with, somewhere to write, something to record your voice, a playlist of your favourite music and somewhere to sit is all that’s really required. Otherwise, whatever you have in your workspace will do. Whenever you’re ready, you can start the first task.

Task 1

Look around your workspace. Maybe it just needs a little tidying up, or maybe it needs a complete makeover. How would you like it organised? Take a moment to consciously organise the space. Listen to the first song on your playlist while you do. When you’re done, stand back and take a look. Well done, now you’re ready to start your day. When you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 2

How are you feeling today? Right now, in this moment. This is your starting point. Now, physically write it down somewhere. Acknowledge how you write it. Then, when you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 3

For this task, you’ll be drawing something. Don’t worry if you “can’t draw”. It just matters that you are doing it. Take the emotion you wrote down in the last task, and draw it in big graffiti letters, like you’re spray-painting it on a wall. Really make the word your own. Surround the word with all the reasons you’re feeling that way. Then, refer to the emotion key. Based on how you’re feeling, use the corresponding shape, like spirals or circles, to decorate your graffiti. When you’re done, find a place to put your new artwork. Congratulations, you are an artist. When you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 4

You’ve been thinking a lot about how you’re feeling. However you’re feeling, that’s okay. Let’s shake that off for a bit. Play the next song on your playlist and just let loose. Jam out, dance, break out the air guitar. Live in the moment. Play it on repeat a few times if you need to. Then, when you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 5

For this task, you’ll need to reach out to someone like a friend, colleague, or family member. Ask them to tell you a story from their life over the last two years. When they do, really listen. When they’re done, thank them and continue with this task. Now write about something from your past two years. This could be about what you’ve found difficult, what’s important to you, what inspired you or whatever comes to mind. When you’re done, record yourself reciting the story, flaws and all. Share it with someone and see what they think. Well done for reaching out. I know it can be hard sometimes, but look how far you’ve come. When you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 6

This task works better in a group and requires internet access. Find an online collaborative space, like a shared document, whiteboard, or forum. If you’d prefer to do this alone, use a space you can build onto when you repeat this task. In this space, think about your wellbeing. Think about what you feel you need right now. How do you take care of yourself? Which techniques work and which don't. Write about your wellbeing, find pictures that represent it, and express yourself however feels right. Notice how you are not alone. As you build out the space, you’re supported by your collaborators, and past and future versions of yourself. You’re building a healing space together. When you’re done, bookmark the space, so you can come back to it when you need to. Then, when you’re ready, move onto the next task.

Task 7

You’ve done quite a lot today. That’s something to be proud of. Now it’s time for a break. Find somewhere comfortable and take a seat. Pick another song from your playlist and hit play. Think about how this meditation and its tasks have helped you today. Take a bit of time to re-centre yourself in whatever form that takes. There are only a few tasks left, so when you’re ready, move on.

Task 8

Earlier, you had to think about the past two years. If you could say something to past you, what would it be? Find a mirror, or open your webcam or your phone’s selfie camera. Record what you’d like to tell yourself. This might feel a little embarrassing, but that’s okay. Take your time and say what comes naturally. You might surprise yourself. Then, when you’re done, move onto the next task.

Task 9

This one’s easy: Find a song that resonates with you and add it to your playlist. Listen to it all the way through as many times as you need to, and then move on to the last task.

Task 10

This task works best with a printer and requires internet access. It’s about what we take with us, and what we leave behind. Find a picture on the internet – any picture – that represents something about your experience with this meditation today. Print it out, write your name and the date on it and then find a place for it in your space. Then, if previous pictures from this task exist, pick one that resonates with you, write the date on it, and keep it with you as you work. You may now continue with work for the day. When you’re done, continue to this meditation’s final prompt.

Well done on your productive day! Before you go, review your workspace. If you want, pack up or tidy your workspace so you can start again fresh next time. Take the picture you chose with you when you leave. It’s a reminder of today, how much you’ve grown, of your journey of wellbeing and how you’re not alone. Thank you for playing What We Take With Us.