Hey, it's okay if you need a little extra help. That's what these resources are here for. Below, you'll find a list of resources that we've found useful in our own times of crisis. If you feel like you or anyone else might be in immediate danger, call Emergency Services in your area as soon as possible.

A lot of these resources are framed as suicide prevention, which might seem a bit scary. Don't worry though. These resources also deal with mental health struggles and other crises, too.

We really like games, so we've included some that you can play online that have really helped us over the years.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is reach out. We're proud of you. Whatever you're going through, you're not alone, and you will get through this.

Find A Helpline logo Find a Helpline Find A Helpline is awesome because it lets your find helplines in your specific area for a whole bunch of topics including anxiety, depression, bullying and substance use.
International Association for Suicide Prevention logo The International Association for Suicide Prevention is a global organisation that aims to prevent suicidal behaviour and help all those who struggle with its effects. It has created a diverse community of mental health workers, suicide providers, academics, and volunteers through outreach activities, academic conferences, and podcasts.
Mind UK logo Mind Mind is a UK charity focused on helping people who struggle with mental health problems. They have a ton of resources catered to helping you cope in a crisis, no matter how you're feeling. They also offer a comprehensive mental health glossary and even an online community called Side by Side. Even though some of their resources are UK-based, their online support and suggestions have a global reach.
Spur Mental Health Hub logo Spur Mental Health Hub's Mental Health Resource Hub is another really useful global resource for mental health support. It provides links to online therapy, chat services, wellness apps, and other crisis resources alongside an aggregation of helplines and websites listed per continent. Seeing all of these in one place truly reminded us that we are not alone.
Safe in our World logo Safe In Our World Games are cool. Safe In Our World thinks so too. Initially formed to be a bastion for mental health in the video game industry, the site provides a ton of awesome content if you're a bit of a gamer or in the games industry. There are training seminars, podcasts, stories of others' struggles, and even game recommendations! We've linked to the helpline resource, but if you click around the site, you might find other things that will be helpful to you - we did!
You Feel Like Shit game You Feel Like S**t We cannot express how much this has helped us over the years. It's basically just a flowchart that reminds you to shower, cuddle your pet, and drink some water. Those things can be really hard sometimes.
Pixel Thoughts game Pixel Thoughts This is a really neat little 60 second meditation that reminds you that thoughts are little things, and the universe is truly awesome. The music is also absolutely incredible.
Weave Silk game Weave Silk Weave Silk is this really beautiful generative art app that allows you to draw on a giant mirrored canvas in a whole bunch of different colours, and lets you save the picture when you're done. We are all artists now!